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Tools and Resources to Teach You Mindfulness in the Context of your Divorce

If you’ve been following our blog series with family therapist and mindfulness teacher Joree Rose, you’ll have seen how mindfulness can bring immense benefits to your divorce journey. Being mindful can help you feel calmer, be proactive, control your emotions, and become less inclined to take other people’s comments or…

What to Do When You’re Boiling Over with Divorce-Related Rage

It’s normal to feel a sense of rage at one point or another in your divorce journey. You might feel it every now and then, such as when thinking about specific hurtful things that your spouse did or said during the marriage. Or it might be simmering all the time,…

How to Avoid Taking Other People’s Words, Actions, and Emotions Personally

When going through a divorce, you might feel particularly sensitive about how others perceive you. As you make life-changing decisions and grapple with the many changes divorce brings, it’s normal to have a heightened need for reassurance from those around you. The problem comes when your sensitivity or insecurity leads…

What Will Get You “Cancelled” in Divorce? Don’t Do These 3 Divorce No-Nos.

Maintaining a civil relationship with your spouse during the divorce process can be a real challenge, but it is worth it in the end. Being civil, if not amicable, during divorce often translates into: A faster and smoother transition to your post-divorce life A happier co-parenting relationship Better-adjusted children Thousands…

Chris Voss and the FBI Approach to Divorce

When you’re looking up the most stressful jobs in the world, a hostage negotiator such as Chris Voss is right up there at the top of the list. These agents are dealing with volatile personalities in high-stress situations all day long. They face unpredictable clients and, unlike even the toughest…

Understanding the Head and the Heart: The Legal and Emotional Entanglement of Divorce

Divorce: The Intersection of the Legal and the Emotional  Divorce rattles even the most confident person’s sense of herself. It’s nobody’s plan. And yet, the divorce rate in America remains at near half of all marriages. The emotional toll of divorce can leave you feeling guilty, anxious and depressed. But,…

Clarifying Your Needs in a Negotiation: the Power of the BATNA

You feel vulnerable. You don’t totally trust the other party in a negotiation. What can you do to make the situation less unnerving? Strategies abound. But one of the most interesting ideas is surprisingly simple. Technically speaking, it’s known as the BATNA, short for “Best Alternative to Negotiated Arrangement”. Authors…

Divorce and Social Security Benefits

Divorce is never easy no matter what age a person may be.  It is often a lengthy and challenging process which requires the divorcing couple to negotiate the division of their property and make choices which will affect their financial future for many years to come.  For older individuals, one…

Why’s It SO HARD for People to Finish Divorce?

{5:00 minutes to read} One thing that is a very well known professional phenomenon is that, when people get toward the end of a negotiation, something comes up. Usually, a relatively small something becomes very emotionally significant to the parties that stops them from settling, right before the end. I…

Can Lawyers Be Peacemakers?

{4:30 minutes to read} Oftentimes, in our modern culture, we think of lawyers as advocates, champions or warriors, but that is really a very newfangled idea—and possibly a misguided one.  (more…)

3 Important Things to Look for in a Mediator

{3:30 minutes to read} You’re looking for a mediator? Below are 3 important things to look for in your search. (more…)

Making Peace with Your Ex

What does it mean to make peace with your ex?  This is a tough question.  When people feel their ex-spouse betrayed them deeply perhaps simultaneously betraying their children, making peace often feels like letting the ex “get away with it.”  It feels to many people that somehow someone has to…

Conflict Resolution: Change Your Perspective

Find some objectivity in order to translate conflict into problem solving. I have an old and dear friend who I value for her willingness to ask me the hard questions and tell me the truth no matter what.  Of course, I appreciate the support of all my friends but I…


Say “No” to Divorce Litigation and “Yes” to Collaborative Divorce (March 5, 2014)

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Divorce a High Conflict Spouse

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Are You a Good Fit for Mediation?

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How to Fight Effectively

Tactical Empathy

Tactical Empathy: A Negotiation Technique

Will Mediation Work For Me

Will Mediation Work for Me?

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How Does Divorce Mediation Work

A Mediation Story

A Mediation Story

Finding Justice in Mediation

How to Fight Effectively

Simeon Baum shares with us his experience with Mediation, and all the possible scenarios in which it is helpful!

Have you ever wondered what are the advantages of Mediation? For Mediation Week, we share some of the great benefits of Virtual Mediation

Catherine Conner joins us to explain a little bit more about mediation, and her perspectives to it.

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Getting Divorced Without Losing Your Dignity

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What’s the Difference Between Mediation & Med-Arb?

negotiating with bullies

Tips on Negotiating with Bullies

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Tips For Mediating With High-Conflict Exes

How to divorce with dignity

It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way: How To Divorce With Dignity

What does the process of mediating the valuation of a business look like?

What are the benefits of utilizing mediation to resolve a business dispute?

It's funny, but business disputes are often with people with whom you spend more time than with your own family. When relationships matter, it really makes sense to pay attention to how you're going to make the decisions, not just what the decisions are. If you hope to have a…
What is the difference between mediation and collaborative divorce and which one is right for me?

What is the difference between Mediation and Collaborative Divorce?

People often wonder what the difference is between mediation and collaborative divorce. The difference is that in mediation, although the parties usually have attorneys, those attorneys in a family mediation rarely come into the room. Instead, the parties discuss their situation with their attorneys outside the room and come in…

How does the mediation process play out?

In mediation, people come to a series of facilitated meetings with the mediator and themselves and they identify the issues that need to be resolved. They gather the information that they need and create a shared understanding of their economic reality and then talk about what's important to them and…

What are some of the advantages of mediation as opposed to traditional divorce?

Mediation is a wonderful process for people who want to make their own decisions on their own based on the reference points that are important to them. In mediation, people work together with a neutral mediator who facilitates a conversation. Typically they do have attorneys, but those attorneys are not…

Can mediation and collaboration lessen the negative impact of divorce on our kids?

When I was a litigating attorney, I realized that even with all parties wanting to keep the children out of it, there was no way. There was no way in the litigation process to not use the children to some extent in the negotiation between the parents. In mediation and…

What is mediation in the context of family law?

In a mediated divorce, the parties meet with the mediator who doesn’t represent either person, but helps them identify, discuss, and ultimately resolve the issues that they face in order to get divorce. Typically in a divorce mediation, the parties have attorneys, but those attorneys don’t come into the mediation…

How can I know if a lawyer is a good match for me?

When you make a decision to interview divorce lawyers, you should interview more than one. While you're sitting with that person, you should think to yourself, "Does this person understand me? Is this person going to take an approach that makes sense to me? Am I going to feel a…

How are experts in various fields utilized in Collaborative Law?

One of the advantages of the collaborative process is that we're able to work with various professionals in order to target the various elements of the divorce. One possibility is to work with a financial neutral. It's a financial neutral's job from a neutral stance to gather the information about…

What are some of the key differences between Collaborative Law and Mediation?

Sometimes people wonder what some of the key differences are between collaborative law and mediation. I think it's best to answer this question in this way. How will you know whether or not the collaborative process is better for you or whether or not the mediation process is better for…

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