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Tools and Resources to Teach You Mindfulness in the Context of your Divorce

If you’ve been following our blog series with family therapist and mindfulness teacher Joree Rose, you’ll have seen how mindfulness can bring immense benefits to your divorce journey. Being mindful can help you feel calmer, be proactive, control your emotions, and become less inclined to take other people’s comments or…

What to Do When You’re Boiling Over with Divorce-Related Rage

It’s normal to feel a sense of rage at one point or another in your divorce journey. You might feel it every now and then, such as when thinking about specific hurtful things that your spouse did or said during the marriage. Or it might be simmering all the time,…

Recreating Yourself Post-Divorce

Recreating Yourself Post-Divorce “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” ― J.K. Rowling Sometimes, the only way to go is up. And many people report that, during divorce, they feel that they hit rock bottom. That can come all at once or in waves of…

The Importance of Preparation According to Seth Godin

Finishing Well: What We Can Learn from Seth Godin You need only watch the last minute of the Kentucky Derby to really understand that finishing well can decide everything. Hold back and someone can pass you. Finish incorrectly, and you may get disqualified. Your name is burnished in history. Or…

Legal Separation: Is it the Right Option for You?

When you think of terms that relate to divorce, sometimes the phrase "legal separation" comes to mind.  While many people may understand that a legal separation means they will no longer be with their partner, there can be confusion as to what assuming this status will mean. For New York…

Divorce and Social Security Benefits

Divorce is never easy no matter what age a person may be.  It is often a lengthy and challenging process which requires the divorcing couple to negotiate the division of their property and make choices which will affect their financial future for many years to come.  For older individuals, one…

The Law: Does It Add to or Take Away from Divorce Negotiations?

What is the role of the law in divorce negotiations? It’s actually a huge question and worthy of consideration, not only by professionals who work with separating and divorcing families but by those families themselves. There is often a tension between a lawyer’s view of the right outcome as informed by…

The Value of Neutral Financial Professionals

It’s never "just about the money." That is a common phrase amongst professionals who work with people in conflict. Money is certainly a critical piece of many, if not most, negotiations of any kind and certainly this is true in divorces. Of course, there are situations where it’s obvious to…

Consulting or Review Attorneys in Mediation – Part 2

  {3:45 minutes to read} In my last article, I discussed the role of review attorneys in mediation. In this continuation, I’ll discuss the role of a consulting attorney in comparison. Where the review attorney is usually brought into a mediation toward the end of the process, the consulting attorney…

Consulting or Review Attorneys in Mediation – Part 1

{6:00 minutes to read} It’s a really good idea for a divorcing couple in mediation to have a consulting or review attorney to act as a matrimonial medium.  What is the role of attorneys in a mediation? Sometimes parties believe that lawyers are a threat to the mediation process itself.…

How a collaborative divorce can save couples money

On behalf of Katherine Miller Non-adversarial approach can help avoid costly litigation Although collaborative divorce has been around for a long time, it is only in the past few years that it has become an increasingly attractive option for divorcing couples. Many couples understandably want to avoid the costly and…

A New Marriage Contract on Dignity

Recently, I had an interview with Donna Hicks on my radio show Dialogue on Divorce. We discussed the importance of giving your partner the benefit of the doubt as a means to restore dignity to your relationship. Some of the elements of dignity are wanting to have your identity accepted,…

The Vicious Cycle of Vulnerability

Recently, I had an interview with Donna Hicks on my radio show Dialogue on Divorce. We discussed the importance of giving your partner the benefit of the doubt as a means to restore dignity to your relationship. However, the impulse to “get even” for a previous slight becomes something of…

Dignity in Divorce

Recently, I had an interview with Donna Hicks on my radio show Dialogue on Divorce. Donna is a dignity expert who is the author of a terrific book, Dignity: The Essential Role it Plays in Resolving Conflict, which was published in 2011 by Yale University Press.  She's the founder the…

What it Takes to Divorce

I recently conducted a radio interview (linked at the bottom of the post) with Janis Abrahms Spring, a board-certified clinical psychologist and a nationally acclaimed expert on issues of trust, intimacy and forgiveness. Janis and I discussed the dynamics between couples that lead to divorce or reconciliation, as well as…

Picking Your Lawyer and Picking Who You Want To Be in Divorce

My best advice from years in the courtroom--as well as years in Collaborative and Mediation conference rooms--is that people should work with someone with whom they feel comfortable. If you hire someone who you think is going to be “tough enough” to handle your ex, then that tough person is…

Thinking About Divorce? Some Questions to Ask Yourself First

If you are facing or considering divorce, you’re likely contending with powerful emotions that flicker in intensity. One minute you might feel furious. The next minute, you might feel depressed. You might then go a few hours or days feeling neutral or numb (or relieved, angry, and then confused). It’s…

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence: Not Me vs. You but Me and You

Intense emotional conflict often fuels the problems that lead to divorce, and divorce itself challenges even the most emotionally even-keeled people because it touches the most sensitive areas of their lives. Yet trying to push emotions aside and remain strictly logical is not the answer. Emotions, surprisingly, can be useful…

The Groundwork of Collaborative Divorce: Your “Participation Agreement” Guide

If you and your spouse agree to work through your divorce using the collaborative framework, one of the first things you will do is sign a Participation Agreement. This document allows you to go “all in” on negotiating the terms of your divorce by indicating—with your signature, as well as…

Radio Shows

Having a Proper Diet During Divorce

Katherine Miller talks with Dinah Barr Campanarro, a registered dietician nutritionist talk about what to eat and what not to eat in order to maintain the best you while you weather a divorce (or any crisis). Dinah and Katherine present a 4 point Divorce Diet that will help you feel…

Use Your Divorce to Upgrade Your Life

Paul Ross went through a difficult divorce and used his experience and his business background to put together a 10 step guide on using your divorce to upgrade your life. Katherine Miller interviews him on his message and his plan.

Saving Your Marriage

Katherine Miller talks with Terry Real, internationally acclaimed family therapist, speaker and author, founder of the Relational Law Institute about saving your marriage. What does it take to save a marriage on death's doorstep? Listen to the interview to find out. Learn more about Terry Real at www.terryreal.com.

Interview with J. Kim Wright on Integrative Law

Katherine Miller talks with J. Kim Wright pioneer in the field of integrative law about her experiences of divorce personally (through three divorces) and professionally that led her to learn to work with conscious contracts. Kim is the author of the ABA best selling book Lawyers as Peacemakers and the…

Finding Strength Through Compassion Instead of Blame

Katherine Miller talks with Dr. Steven Stosny, founder of Compassion Power, about the strength that divorcing people can find through compassion rather than blame. CompassionPower was founded on the belief that individuals and societies are more powerful when compassionate than when angry or aggressive and that emotional problems arise whenever…

Men, Women, Divorce, and Money

Katherine Miller talks with Michelle Smith Founder and CEO ofSmith Financial Strategies Group based in NYC about men, women, divorce and money.

What a Good Divorce Is and How to Have One

Katherine Miller talks with Wendy Paris about what is a good divorce and how to have one. Wendy Paris is the author of Splitopia: Dispatches from Today’s Good Divorce and How to Part Well (Atria books/Simon & Schuster, March 2016). Her articles and essays have appeared in The New York…

Dignity in Conflict

Katherine interviews Dr. Donna Hicks, an expert on the role dignity takes in conflict situations, about how two parties in conflict can maintain their own and respect each other's dignity in order to improve the quality of the disagreement.

The Impact of Substance Abuse in Divorce

Katherine Miller talks with Dr. Ray Griffin about the impact of substance abuse in divorce. IsCollaborative Law and/or mediation is appropriate when there is a substance abuse problem and how does he go about finding out?

Generosity During Divorce

Katherine Miller talks with attorney, entrepreneur and single mom, Alexis Neely, about her epiphanies around her own divorce and the attorney client relationship. Alexis' story of how her act of generosity toward her ex-husband during their divorce leap-frogged her career and galvanized her future success is truly inspirational. Learn more…

Prenups with Mindy Utay

Katherine Miller talks with Mindy Utay, JD, LCSW Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst about the emotional impact of negotiating prenuptial agreements and how prenups can improve communication during the subsequent marriage.

Divorce and the New Social Security Rules

Katherine Miller talks with Gayle Lob about the NEW Social Security rules and how they impact divorced (and other) retirees.

The Emotional Journey of Divorce

Katherine talks with Shireen Meistrich about the emotional journey of divorce. What do people go through? What are some strategies for dealing with the turmoils people experience while divorcing.

Why It’s So Important to Stay Out of Court

Katherine Miller talks with the Hon. Sondra Miller. Judge Miller spent decades on the bench and was commissioned by the late Chief Justice Judith Kaye to conduct hearings across New York on the state of matrimonial law delivering her committee's report in 2006. The Miller Commission report instigated many changes…

What It Takes to Move on with Your Life

Katherine Miller talks with Janis Abrahms Spring about forgiveness, betrayal, infidelity, and what it takes to move on with your life.

Depression and Divorce

Katherine Miller talks with Elana Katz, LCSW, LMFT about what to say and do for friends and family experiencing divorce. We cover depression during divorce and also rage, anxiety, fear and loneliness.

What Leads People to Divorce?

Listen as Katherine talks with Michelle Brody, Ph.D. about what leads people to divorce and her new book Stop the Fighting.

Money Decisions During Divorce

Katherine Miller talks with Carole Epstein of Morgan Stanley about money decisions during divorce. We cover how to think about your money and how to choose an advisor.

Caring for Aging Parents

Listen as Katherine Miller talks with Barbara Newman Mannix about caring for aging parents.

“I’m divorcing, what do I do first?”

Listen as Katherine Miller talks with Melissa Goodstein, Esq. on pros and cons of mediation, Collaborative Law and litigation.

The Magic of Neutrality Around Numbers for Divorcing People

Listen as host, Katherine Miller, talks with Steve Kaplan about the magic of neutrality around numbers for divorcing people. Almost all divorces involve money and money means so much more than a way to pay the bills. Working with a financial neutral can help sort out the cash from the…

Returning to Dating After Divorce

Katherine Miller talks with Laurie Davis, founder of eflirt and author of Love at First Click about returning to dating after divorce and the world of online dating.

Knowing Your Divorce Options and Divorce Financial Planning

Click below to listen as Andy Samalin, president of ADFP and Westchester chapter leader of Second Saturday talks with Katherine about the importance of knowing your divorce options and divorce financial planning. Air date July 30, 2015.

Going Back to Work After Divorce

Listen as Katherine talks with Ruth Beltran about going back to work after divorce.

Role of the Coach in Collaborative Divorce and a 12-Step Divorce Recovery Program

Listen as Katherine talks to Micki McWade LCSW about the role of the coach in the Collaborative Divorce process and her 12 Step Divorce Recovery program.

What Leads People to Decide to Divorce?

Listen as Katherine talks to Ann Jackler MSW, LCSW about what leads people to decide to divorce.


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