Redesigning Your Living Space After Divorce

Katherine Miller talks with Jodi Topitz, founder of We2Me, about designing or redesigning your space post divorce to jump start the rest of your life.

Going from just a house to a home again is crucial after being physically and emotionally uprooted. Children can also be overlooked unintentionally by the parents during the divorce process. Couples become so overwhelmed with their own difficulties that it’s easy to forget that the kids can feel displaced and, to some degree, “homeless” as well.

Jodi prides herself on identifying the source of these troubles and finding viable solutions.

Her own journey began several years ago when the pain of her own divorce left her reeling. In the midst of her emotional distress, she recognized that the nourishing effect of color and design brought her back to life. Because she has walked in her clients’ shoes and already knows the way, she is able to connect people to their space in a way that transforms and helps them achieve happiness and serenity in their new space.

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