Children in Divorce

Should I Wait To Divorce After The Holidays Or Do It Now?

Children in Divorce, Divorce, Holidays

The festive season is upon us, a time of year when we gather with family and friends to share joy,...

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New York Child Support Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Child Support, Children in Divorce, Family Court

Most parents going through a separation or divorce, whether in mediation, Collaborative Law, or court-based litigation, are aware that some...

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Parental Alienation: Everything You Need To Know

Children in Divorce, Divorce with children, Family Court

Recently I spoke to Charlie Jamison on my radio show, Divorce Dialogues. Charlie is a Board-certified Marital and Family Law...

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Mother And Daughter Relationship During Divorce

Children in Divorce, Divorce

The mother and daughter relationship is unique. There’s a special bond forged through a lifetime of advice, companionship, strength, and...

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Mindful Co-Parenting After Divorce: The 6 Keys

Children in Divorce, Coparenting, Divorce with children, Family Court

Divorce can cause a lot of sleepless nights. Worries about joint property and investments, co-owned businesses, not to mention peace,...

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Children in Divorce, Collaborative Divorce, Divorce

I had been a divorce litigator for 10 years when I faced divorce myself. At the time, I was spending...

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