New York and Connecticut High Asset Divorce Lawyer

When a married couple has amassed significant wealth throughout the duration of their marriage, a substantial portion of the divorce process will involve the division of that wealth. Whether in the form of investments, a family-owned business, real estate or other valuable entities, it is important to ensure that property and assets are divided in a way that protects you and your financial stability.

While it may seem as though the only way of achieving this goal is to engage in cutthroat litigation, our New York and Connecticut divorce attorneys offer a better way. We offer alternative dispute resolution tools, including collaborative law and mediation, to help our clients not only resolve the conflict but obtain control over the solutions.

Our New York City and Connecticut high-asset divorce lawyers emphasize respecting the other party, focusing on minimizing stress and upheaval. We focus on obtaining fair, workable and enduring resolutions to complex divorce and financial issues privately in a manner that allows you to walk away from the divorce process with your conscience and your assets intact.

Protecting Your Assets During a Divorce

In New York, property division undergoes equitable distribution — property is divided fairly although not necessarily 50-50. In collaboration and mediation, you will guide the conversation regarding how property and assets are divided. After all, who knows better than you do the blood, sweat and tears that went into building your wealth? Who knows better than you the endless hours of support you gave to your spouse as he or she built wealth for your family? All perspectives will need to be considered, and everyone involved has valid concerns.

Our New York and Connecticut high asset divorce attorney’s extensive experience working with high net worth individuals means that when faced with complex property and asset division, our lawyers can adeptly and effectively guide our clients toward favorable resolutions. Please talk to us about how we can engage in collaboration or mediation in a manner that protects your rights regarding:

  • Business valuation
  • Finding hidden assets
  • Tax implications
  • Marital liabilities
  • Child support and spousal support for high net worth individuals
  • Inheritance
  • Dividing retirement assets, IRAs, 401(k) plans and pensions
  • Changes in estate planning directives after divorce

Learn More By Talking To a New York and Connecticut High Asset Divorce Attorney

The Miller Law Group understands the desire of our clients to protect their property and assets. Our New York and Connecticut high asset divorce lawyers can help you develop solutions to ensure that you meet your goals while mitigating negative emotional aspects of property division. Call our offices or email us online to schedule your consultation.

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