Vacation and Traveling with Kids After a New York and Connecticut Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult process. To reach a fair and acceptable settlement, you must consider countless minute details. And, even the most thorough settlement can leave you with many unanswered questions. In marriages that involve children, many of the most pressing questions often involve custody and other issues pertaining to the children.

One of the most common concerns that arise is the issue of vacation and traveling with kids after a Westchester divorce. Parents may wonder how a custody agreement addresses vacations – both short and extended. Another is whether there are limitations on where and when parents can travel with their children following a divorce.

The detailed approach of a qualified divorce lawyer may answer many of these questions for parents. However, when it comes to vacation and traveling with kids there are some important considerations for divorced parents in New York and Connecticut to keep in mind.

Attention to Detail

By paying close attention to detail during the custody negotiation process, it is often possible to head off conflict before it arises. A thorough approach to custody negotiations may consider more than just extended vacation periods such as summer vacation and winter break. It may also address three-day weekends, lesser-known holidays, birthdays, and any other important days throughout the year that families must plan for.

In taking this type of dynamic approach when creating an initial plan, you and your lawyer can work to make sure the transition that comes with divorce is as smooth as possible for both parents and children. This can also make many other aspects of the divorce process easier on each party.

For instance, creating a regularly rotating custody schedule is a common approach for many divorced parents. However, what happens when one parent’s birthday falls on a weekend when the children are with the other parent? Or, what if one set of grandparents lives abroad and can only see the grandchildren at a certain time each year?

These are important concerns that parents must address when negotiating child custody and an experienced divorce attorney in Westchester can work with you to plan for these intricacies so that you and your spouse can address them before they become issues.

International Travel

International vacation and traveling with kids after a Westchester divorce is often a point of significant contention between divorced parents. Some parents worry that a parent who is a foreign national may abscond with the children and not return. Other parents worry about safety in particular regions. There are many parents with other valid objections to international travel.

If you are considering taking your children abroad after a divorce, it is important to communicate that to your co-parent and come to an agreement about any concerns prior to the trip. It is also important to keep your co-parent aware of the child’s safety and put any agreements about modification of custody in writing.

Consulting a New York and Connecticut  Divorce Attorney

Parents want what is best for their children–divorce does not change that. Divorce is not an obstacle to creating a strong and meaningful relationship with your children, regardless of the terms of your custody arrangement. However, it does require the additional flexibility and communication of both parents to continuously ensure the needs and interests of the children involved are met.

Working with an experienced divorce lawyer can help you approach custody negotiations while considering important details that may otherwise be overlooked. This can help you avoid issues that can arise when it comes to vacation and traveling with kids after a Westchester divorce.

If you have questions about how your divorce or custody arrangement could impact your ability to vacation and travel with your kids, contact our firm in New York and Connecticut. Our experienced divorce lawyers can work with you to address your questions and help you create a plan that meets your needs.

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