New York and Connecticut Legal Separation Lawyer

When a couple decides to separate, they enter into a legal process that stipulates financial and child-rearing responsibilities while keeping the marriage of the couple legally intact. A legal separation can be created with the help of a New York and Connecticut legal separation lawyer through a separation agreement or by a court decree.

During a legal separation in New York and Connecticut, a couple and their attorney must still carry out all the ordinary aspects of their daily lives, such as paying bills and helping children with their homework. These arrangements are often part of the separation agreement, which can specify how the duties of home and business life will be shared by the couple. Dividing assets and property, and even gaining temporary financial support can also be part of a legal separation.

Separation as an Alternative to Divorce

The personal, moral, or religious beliefs of some couples make it impossible for them to obtain a divorce. For others, a divorce simply does not make sense. These parties often opt to obtain a legal separation in New Rochelle, White Plains or throughout New York and Connecticut.

Collaborative Practice

Some couples pursuing legal separation reconcile their differences through mediation and Collaborative Practice. Others decide to seek divorce. For either divorce or separation, Collaborative Practice and mediation offer you and your partner support, protection, and guidance without going to court. The Miller Law Group is a family law firm that gives you access to a team of experienced legal separation attorneys focused on working together to resolve the issues at hand.

Contacting a New York and Connecticut Legal Separation Lawyer

If you need assistance with divorce or separation in New York and Connecticut and want to find out how Collaborative Law or mediation can benefit you, please call our New York and Connecticut legal separation lawyers in New Rochelle, N.Y. or contact us online.

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