Surviving Divorce During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Strategies and Resources

Surviving divorce is always a struggle. Is there ever a good time to divorce? Do you wait for the kids to finish school, wait until after your parents’ birthdays, watch the bank account for the perfect moment? The truth is, divorce is always a challenge. But during a pandemic? We’re in uncharted territory.

Experts have predicted a rise in the divorce rate thanks to forced isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. But if you’ve already begun the process, what effects can you expect to see? What steps can you take to surviving divorce during COVID-19?

Touch Base with Your Team

If you have already begun the process of divorce, it’s important that you are in touch with your team of lawyers or mediators to understand what you can expect. Will their offices be closed? Can you reach them by phone? Will your sessions be online? Every industry across the country is scrambling to sort out their business and accommodate their customers. It may take some persistence and some patience, but make sure you’re in touch to help manage your own expectations and anxiety.

Financial Ramifications

With the stock market in free fall, it’s hard to know what your investments will look like after the dust settles. You’re not alone. A recent Gallup poll found that 55% of Americans are invested in the stock market. That means you are not alone if you’re scared about what this is doing to your retirement—and your divorce. It’s important to know that you can pause the process. You may already have a financial analyst as part of your divorce team, and if not, speak with your lawyer about bringing one on. They can help you understand the risks and realities as you move forward.

Take a Breath

These are incredibly stressful times and divorce is a huge stressor. This is particularly dangerous right now as we know that stress has a negative impact on our immune system. Right now, it’s important to pay attention to your stress level and do what you can to lower it. One advantage of the current coronavirus pandemic panic is that online meditation and exercise classes are readily available and are often free.

Surviving Divorce During a Pandemic: Resources for Remote Support

It’s also important to remember that you’re not alone in any of this—even if you’re alone in your home under quarantine. Others have been through or are going through what you’re experiencing. Now is a good time to explore some resources:

Midlife Divorce Support: an established online community of women experiencing divorce in midlife. a website with podcasts, videos, and articles dealing with single parenting or going through the divorce process with children an online community of women to discuss every aspect of divorce and at all ages. online forums covering topics from “just found out” to “reconciliation” and “investigative tips”.

“Divorce and Separation” on PsychCentralForums: Large forum community inclusive of men and women on all topics from infidelity to telling the children and more.

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