What is Collaborative Divorce?

I’m often asked, “What is a collaborative divorce?”

A collaborative divorce is a voluntary, out-of-court process in which the parties have the support of their own attorneys as well as the opportunity to work with mental health professionals and financial professionals so that we can address all the myriad of issues that arise in untangling the marital relationship. This gives us the opportunity to focus 100 percent on out-of-court resolution rather than a litigated resolution.

One hundred percent the parties and the professionals are dedicated to the idea of finding a resolution without going to court or even threatening to go to court. This gives us the chance to focus 100 percent on what is important to the parties, what is important to their families, their children, their neighborhoods, their religious communities. Whatever it is that’s important to them, those are the points of reference for settlement rather than the points of reference that are important to a stranger in a black robe.