Creating a Parenting Time Schedule in Westchester Child Custody Cases

Most divorcing parents list one of their greatest fears as losing contact with their children. Parents fear being marginalized — becoming “every-other-weekend dads” or losing their voices when it comes to important decisions in their children’s lives. They worry about losing their rights, but they also worry that the divorce will cause their children undue stress.

At the Miller Law Group, with offices in Westchester County and New York City, our Westchester child custody lawyers understand these fears. We understand that parents want to protect and preserve their relationship with their children while avoiding contentious and acrimony.

We often tell our clients that working with your co-parent to create a parenting time schedule that works for your family is the best way to put these fears behind you and do what is right for your kids. Using years of experience in Collaborative Law and mediation, we can help.

Determining a Schedule

It may be possible to negotiate a parenting time schedule with your ex-spouse — one that gives your children meaningful time with each parent and accommodates your unique needs. If you and your spouse agree on a schedule that works for you, you do not have to rely on a schedule imposed on your family by a judge who does not know you. You gain greater control over the details. Even more, studies show that parents who negotiate their own schedules are more likely to report satisfaction with the outcome, be flexible with each other and follow those schedules at time goes on.

At our law firm, we identify the needs of family members and find mutually acceptable ways to resolve even the most challenging areas of conflict through the creation of a parenting plan. These needs include:

  • Maintaining meaningful contact when parents live in different states
  • Achieving a fair visitation schedule when parents’ work schedules require flexibility
  • Outlining an acceptable plan for introducing new significant others to children
  • Accounting for children’s special needs
  • Helping divorced parents make vital decisions together

Parents can expect to have a lifetime relationship in spite of divorce. With our help, they can continue the cooperative practices learned during divorce negotiations to keep the interests of their children at the forefront of their interactions after divorce.

How An Attorney Can Help

Contact our law offices in New York City and  New Rochelle, New York, by calling for a confidential consultation about your divorce or other family law matters. Attorneys at our New York City and New Rochelle offices serve clients throughout Westchester. We also have Manhattan offices that serve clients in the New York City.

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