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New York visitation laws prioritize the best interests of the children above all other considerations in a visitation or custody case. New York visitation law favors a strong relationship with both parents and visitation arrangements that provide regular and meaningful contact between the children and both parents.

At the Miller Law Group, our Westchester child custody lawyers believe children benefit the most from visitation agreements arrived at through the participation and cooperative efforts of their parents. We know that it is crucial for the parenting schedule after a divorce to work well for both parents and children, and we have the skills and experience to guide parents through a process that can lead to an effective result for all.

Keys to Negotiating Effective Visitation Schedules

The Miller Law Group has extensive skills and experience helping parents divorce in a less contentious manner giving them more time to focus on the children and other relevant issues. In mediation or Collaborative Law, we address some of the following issues regarding visitation:

  • Developing weekday and weekend schedules, both for short visits and overnight stays
  • Creating a visitation schedule for holidays and vacations
  • Adapting visitation to parents’ busy work schedules and need for advance planning.
  • Discussing how to handle travel logistics and expenses for regular and special trips with a parent.

Visitation Rights for The Modern Family

Modern families can often include family members other than a child’s biological parents who have developed a strong bond with the child. In a divorce, those family members can lose out when it comes to visitation. Even though New York courts will sometimes provide for separate grandparent visitation with a child, their approach is unpredictable. For modern families, the visitation attorneys at the Miller Law Group have extensive experience in crafting creative solutions to address the unique needs of each family.

Contacting a Westchester County Visitation Rights Lawyer

Children adjust best to divorce when they are able to maintain meaningful visitation and parenting time with both parents and other close family members. If you need help in coming to a visitation schedule that works for you, contact us to find out how collaborative practice or mediation could benefit your entire family. Please call the Miller Law Group in New Rochelle, NY or contact us online.

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