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Katherine Miller founded the Miller Law Group because her own personal and professional experience taught her that there was a deep need for a different kind of law firm. Katherine was always interested in the intersection where the law meets each of us in our personal lives. That interest naturally led her to family and matrimonial law where her early career involved child welfare litigation, estate planning and matrimonial and family litigation. As Katherine gained experience, she realized that the courtroom is a very bad place for families and she looked for a better way to help resolve divorce and other family-related conflicts.


Mediation seemed like a great alternative and Katherine took her first mediation training in 1990 and integrated those ideas and techniques into all the work she was doing. “Frankly, it was an uphill battle,” she says, “because the legal culture at the time was not focused on the needs and interests of the people but more on the battle.” Eight years later, following her own divorce, Katherine fully committed to finding a better way and the Miller Law Group was formed.

The mission of the Miller Law Group is to change how people divorce and help them divorce with dignity. We are interested in what is important to our clients and we use powerful techniques of communication to obtain those results in Collaborative Law, mediation, litigation and negotiation. Our core values are Dignity, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence because we believe these are essential to helping our clients through the challenge of divorce and other conflict.

I realized I had been going through life doing everything I was supposed to, and nothing I wanted to.” – Katherine Miller

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