8 Advantages Of Collaborative Divorce

Once you know what defines the process, it’s important to know why you might want to choose it over more traditional divorce methods. These 8 Advantages of Collaborative Divorce are deeply important to many clients: stress reduction, time efficiency, control, and cost.

1. You enjoy enhanced control over the process. Instead of letting a stranger in a black robe make decisions for you, you and your spouse can work out an arrangement autonomously with the help of Collaborative professionals.

2. The approach leads to less stress, anxiety, and frustration for you and your children than traditional approaches.

3. You can develop usable insight into yourself and your relationships, which can support you as you rebuild your life.

4. You avoid court-related scheduling problems. The traditional divorce process can be quite disruptive, especially if you work hard- and/or you have young children or medical needs. Collaborative lets you bypass this costly logistical encumbrance.

5. Collaborative lets you resolve the divorce privately. Divorce is sensitive and personal. Ideally, most people prefer not to air their grievances in public. The process is discrete.

6. The lack of formality leads to more creativity. Instead of getting burdened by arbitrary technical and legal requirements, parties can share their thoughts, feelings, and views on things that are really important to them and, with the help of Collaborative professionals, create customized solutions that fit their circumstances.

7. The interdisciplinary team’s insights can have positive long-term consequences. For instance, maybe you and your spouse never really had a grip on your finances, but the financial advisor can help you develop a working budget and money management plan. Or maybe the parenting expert could help find a good therapist to address your daughter’s persistent behavioral problem that she’s been having at school and thus reduce stress for everyone involved.

8. Generally, it costs less than litigation, and the return on investment is much greater.

These are your 8 advantages of collaborative divorce.

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