Collaborative Divorce in New York and Connecticut

Collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial and private practice that focuses on achieving a fair and optimal divorce settlement for both parties. Unlike traditional litigation, the parties work together with the help of their own New York and Connecticut divorce lawyers to resolve the various issues that accompany divorces, such as property distribution, support, custody, and visitation. The parties may also enlist the help of neutral experts, such as financial specialists, divorce coaches, and child specialists, whose role is to explore complex issues more deeply with the parties (rather than to advocate for one party over another).

Collaborative divorce takes place in an informal and private setting, allowing the parties to candidly confront their issues without the burden of formal court procedure or the public disclosure of private family matters. Attorneys are present to advise each party, but the parties themselves steer the conversation. Unlike an adversarial court proceeding, in which each attorney tries to outdo the other to secure a favorable decision from a judge, attorneys in a Collaborative divorce facilitate the parties’ conversation and help them identify and focus upon the issues most important to them.

Approach to Collaborative Divorce Cases

As New York and Connecticut Collaborative divorce lawyers, Katherine Eisold Miller and all the attorneys at the Miller Law Group focus their practice on this innovative and pragmatic approach to divorce. Founder of the firm Katherine Eisold Miller is a leader in the Collaborative Law field and teaches throughout the year on the art of being an effective attorney.

Collaborative principles apply equally well to disputes beyond the family context. In addition to their practice as divorce attorneys, the Miller Law Group attorneys apply the same principles of collaboration to business and other disputes. Collaborative dispute resolution offers a constructive alternative to the destructive process of litigation and can help preserve family and business relationships and assets.

The Collaborative Process requires all parties involved to voluntarily agree to work together in good faith. This includes committing to truthfully disclose all information and records relevant to the conflict as well as guaranteeing strict confidentiality for everything said during collaboration.

Consulting With a New York and Connecticut Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Whether you are contemplating divorce, considering a premarital agreement to protect your assets, or seeking to obtain or modify a child support, custody, or visitation order, the attorneys at the Miller Law Group have the knowledge and experience to help you make informed decisions regarding these crucial issues. From offices in New Rochelle, NY, Katherine Eisold Miller and Miller Law Group associates use their 25 years of legal experience to effectively counsel and represent clients going through divorce or other family issues.

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