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Visitation rights are one of the most critical issues for any couple going through a divorce. The initial divorce, child custody orders, and visitation schedules are complicated enough. There is also often a need to modify the existing arrangement and revisit contentious issues later. Contact a visitation lawyer at our law firm today.

Whether you are going through a divorce or seeking a change in your parenting plan, our dedicated child custody attorneys could strive for an outcome that best reflects your wishes and is the best situation for your children. Call a Westchester visitation lawyer today to schedule a consultation.

Typical Visitation Schedule in Westchester

In Westchester, courts take several considerations into account to dictate a visitation schedule that protects the interests and needs of the children above all else. This may mean less visitation time if one of the spouses may be a danger to the child but may also mean more visitation time if the spouse without custody can provide a good argument for extended hours. Generally, the courts in New York operate on the belief that the optimum outcome is for each parent to be in the lives of the children as much as possible.

Creating a Schedule

Visitation schedules can be a private arrangement between the divorced couple or a court-ordered arrangement if the couple cannot come to a suitable arrangement without intervention. However, even if a couple creates the custody and visitation schedules privately, out-of-court, they must still sign and ratify them to make the agreements binding.

If the visitation schedule does need to be settled in court, visitation goes to whichever parent is not granted custody of the child or children. The only exceptions are when visitation with that parent may be dangerous or detrimental to the child’s health, such as in instances of abuse. A Westchester visitation lawyer could help someone with creating a visitation schedule.

Types of Visitation Schedules

These schedules are often unique to the needs of each family. However, there are three general categories that visitation schedules typically fall under. Overwhelmingly, the most common type of visitation is unsupervised. These agreements dictate the days the child will visit the non-custodial parent, but there is no stipulation for a supervisor.

Another type of visitation is supervised visitation. This is common in cases where the non-custodial parent cannot be trusted to be alone with the child but is still granted visitation rights. In those situations, the visitation will include the presence of another court-approved adult.

The court can also order therapeutic supervised visitations reserved for situations where the court believes the parenting ability of the non-custodial parent needs improvement. These programs aim to correct and improve the parent’s behavior.

In conjunction with those visitations, the court may order parents to engage in a neutral place exchange, if necessary. This means handing over the child for visitation purposes must occur in a safe location, such as a police station, for the safety of one or both parents. For more information,  you could contact a visitation lawyer in Westchester who can answer your questions.

A Westchester Visitation Attorney Could Help You Create a Visitation Plan

Often courts must contend with what is best for the children and the parents. Since the courts put so much weight on the issue, if you are trying to determine visitation, reaching out to our compassionate attorneys in Westchester may be helpful.

Regardless of your visitation needs, a Westchester visitation lawyer could help you resolve this often-difficult issue while protecting your interests and the best interests of your children. Do not hesitate to call today. Our lawyers could address any questions or concerns you may have.

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